Sale 101 Bergamo
Sale 101 Bergamo
Sale 101 Bergamo
Sale 101 Bergamo

Bergamo Redona

Ref. 82654699

8 rooms

700 m²


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Property Report: Via F. Corridoni, 8324124 Bergamo BG


The purpose of this report is to provide an estimate of the potential of the property located at Via F. Corridoni, 83 Bergamo ITALY. The property boasts several attractive features, including its proximity to the commercial and residential center of Bergamo, a large factory with a restaurant business, two residential units, and parking facilities. Additionally, the property offers opportunities for further development, with the potential to build additional residential units and commercial spaces. This report aims to assess the property's potential value and investment opportunities.

Location Analysis:
Via F. Corridoni benefits from a prime location, situated just 2 km from the commercial and residential center of Bergamo. This proximity offers convenience and accessibility, making it an attractive area for both businesses and residents. The area is experiencing development and growth, indicating a positive market trend. Recent additions such as Lidl and Aldi offices, as well as the avant-garde complex called 'Chorus Life,' highlight the increasing interest in the vicinity.

Property Description:
The property comprises a 600 m2 factory with an existing restaurant business. Additionally, it includes two residential units and a parking space. Notably, there is an independent outbuilding with exclusive driveway and pedestrian access. This feature enhances the property's appeal and potential for various uses.

Development Potential:
The property holds significant development potential. A previous architectural study indicated that it would be feasible to construct eight apartments and two penthouses, along with eight underground garages and six cellars. The availability of such potential adds value to the property and presents an opportunity for a smart investor to capitalize on the booming real estate market in the area. The property's strategic location and growing demand for residential and commercial spaces further support this potential.

Market Value and Asking Price:
Considering the property's characteristics, location, and development potential, the asking price of 1 million euros appears reasonable. However, it is crucial to conduct a thorough market analysis and consult with professionals to determine the property's precise market value. Factors such as recent sales data, demand for similar properties, and economic conditions should be taken into account to arrive at an accurate estimation of its potential worth.

The property located at Via F. Corridoni in Bergamo BG offers significant potential for investors. Its prime location, proximity to the commercial and residential center, existing infrastructure, and the possibility of further development make it an attractive investment opportunity. The city's growth and recent additions of prominent retail offices and avant-garde complexes indicate a positive market outlook. A comprehensive assessment of the property's market value and consultation with real estate professionals are recommended to make an informed investment decision.

Please note that this report provides a preliminary analysis and further research, including consultation with experts, is advised for a comprehensive evaluation of the property's potential.


  • Reference 82654699
  • Rooms 8 rooms
  • Area 700 m²
  • Floor Ground floor

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  • 2 Apartments
  • 1 Shop 600 m²
  • 1 Outdoor parking


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