Smart Agent is an international real estate group. We built a long term relationship. We are active in Italy and abroad. We are focusing on short-term real estate transactions, operations within 12 months, and un more complex long-term deals.

Smart Agent: International Group

Professional Real Estate Consulting

Smart Agent is a group of real estate professionals interested in your property. For this reason we focus on consulting.

Today there are many attractive real estate transactions but buyers and investors find it difficult to find their way: the lack of transparency of a real estate transaction affects the outcome in 99% of cases.

All people who approach the Smart Agent group ask for transparency. Anyone in the world will have the opportunity to analyze your property, access data and evaluate the effectiveness of the transaction.

We are not selective on the type of property but we are eager to create new business opportunities worldwide.

We are focusing our business on two simple assumptions:

What do buyers and investors want and need? The reality is when you look at the buyer's and investor's side, we see that they always need more properties on the market because they want more opportunities to do business.

What about the seller's side? Probably the answer is roughly the same: widen the audience of possible buyers to get the most out of the market and do business with them.

Getting in touch with our network means getting in touch with real estate funds, investors, large companies, real estate sector specialists and real estate crowdfunding and MLS platforms.

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